Steak Night Menu

Every Thursday 6pm to 9.30pm


Chilli Chicken Strips with yogurt & mint dip

Garlic Mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise

Garlic Bread with cheese



8oz Fillet served with red wine jus, mushrooms and tomato (3 supplement)

8oz Sirloin served with mushrooms and tomato

8oz Rib-Eye served with mushrooms and tomato

10oz Rump served with mushroom and tomato

Gammon Steak served with fried egg, pineapple and tomato

Whole Rack of Ribs with BBQ glaze


All served with chunky gourmet chips, side salad and coleslaw

How do you like it ?

Blue – very red, cold centre

Rare – red, cool centre

Medium Rare – red, warm centre

Medium – pink centre

Medium Well – slightly pink centre

Well Done – cooked through, no pink

Frazzled – no sign of life !



2 Courses 14.95



Peppercorn sauce                           2.00

Wild Mushroom sauce                  2.00

Beer battered Onion Rings           2.00